Apples, a bakers dozen of recipes to enjoy!

Welcome to the blitz, at Our Sunday Cafe!

Every day we will offer something special, for you to enjoy, right up to Christmas Eve!

Many of these will be new recipes, and some will be reminders from the past. Some are our favorite recipes that happen to be too delicious to leave hidden in the archives.

So it’s full steam ahead to sharing a great recipe for you to enjoy every day during these very busy days of December……this season, eat well, be happy and celebrate with those you love!

As part of our December 2019 blitz at OurSundayCafe.

Apples were another choice to offer a selection of recipes for the December blitz, due to availability in just about every market, everywhere. 
Often when other fruits have peaked and stocks are low, apples will still be available. 
And you know that old saying "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away!" You will find desserts, salads, preserving and even one main-dish offered in this group. 

Grandma's Apple Pie, part of our December blitz of recipes!

My Grandma's Apple Pie My grandmother was an expert pie maker in my young eyes as I stood at the corner of her kitchen table as she rolled out the crust. I always listened closely to what she had to say as she worked. I was too young to understand recipes, but not too young to understand love being mixed into a recipe. This pie is wonderful!

Raw Apple Cake, my mom's favorite cake, part of our December blitz of recipes!

Raw Apple Cake, my Mom's favorite cake! My mother, on the other hand, did not think she made a good pie, but again she too was an expert pie maker to my younger self and my love of pie! But she loved this cake and it graced our table on many an occasion. 

Raw Apple Cake, my mom's favorite cake, part of our December blitz of recipes!

Roasted Apples and Onions with Thyme and Bacon.  This is a delicious pile of bacon and roasted apples and onions. We used jowl bacon, but trust me any bacon will be the hit of the season in this offered plate of deliciousness!

Apple Raisin Chutney, part of our December blitz of recipes!

Apple Raisin Chutney This is a fermented chutney that will need a bit of time on your counter before being placed in the fridge, where it will be available to serve with whatever you want. It is lovely with roast pork or chicken, but it is also delicious as a relish on the side of the plate that holds your sandwich, also. 

Vanilla Apple Crisp, part of our December blitz of recipes!

Vanilla Apple Crisp. This is a lovely change from a crisp that has cinnamon or other spice. The vanilla gives the apples a lovely flavor and (of course!) it goes great with a little scoop of ice cream...

Apple Butter, made in the slow cooker, part of our December blitz of recipes!

Apple Butter (slow cooker recipe)  When I have made this in the past, I did not have an apple tree and stopped by my local cash and carry to pick up a number 10 can of applesauce, which you will see in the recipe. But now, here in Montana, we have more than one tree on our property and this will be made from our own apples in the future. 

Apple Celery and Ham Toss, part of our December blitz of recipes!

Apple Celery and Ham Toss This is a very pleasant main dish salad. I loved taking it for my lunch during my working years. Now it is perfect as a Saturday lunch with bread and butter. This salad is a great way to use up that last bit of ham from a ham dinner with all the fixings!

Layered Applesauce Betty, part of our December blitz of recipes!

Layered Applesauce Betty This is old school, frugal in nature and one of those desserts that seem to keep showing up on family tables. It is not above being served with a bit of ice cream, especially if it is still warm from the oven. 

Apple and Beet Salad with Gorgonzola, part of our December blitz of recipes!

Apple and Beet Salad with Gorgonzola. Apples and beets are a wonderful flavor combination. This salad is easy to throw together and yes, you may use canned beets...

Easy Double Apple Cake, part of our December blitz of recipes!

Easy Double Apple Cake A great little snacking cake your family will enjoy. 

Dessert Apple Slices, part of our December blitz of recipes!

Dessert Apple Slices While I love apple pie, I cannot always afford the calories of apple pie. That is where these Dessert Apple Slices come in. These taste just like pie!

Celery Root Carrot and Apple Slaw, part of our December blitz of recipes!

Celery Root Carrot and Apple Slaw. In my quest to eat more vegetables, this proved to be a solid winner! Celery root is mellow in flavor and the three flavors marry nicely. 

Slow Cooker Apple Crisp, part of our December blitz of recipes!

Apple Crisp (slow cooker) I cannot think of a better dessert for a busy day, just a few minutes of prep work and then later you have a delicious dessert to enjoy. 

I hope you found something new to enjoy!

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