Five Different Pesto to add jazz to your meals!

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Every day we will offer something special, for you to enjoy, right up to Christmas Eve!
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So it’s full steam ahead to sharing a great recipe for you to enjoy every day during these very busy days of December……this season, eat well, be happy and celebrate with those you love!

As part of our December blitz here at OurSundayCafe.

Pesto, it's not just with basil anymore! 
Pesto is the quickest way to jazz up a lonely dish! It stores well in the freezer, yet due to the high oil content (no worries, it is good for you Olive oil!), it is easy to grab a forkful, as needed. Through the years I have made pesto from many different greens, herbs and even spinach, take a look...

Pesto the basic process, As part of our December blitz here at OurSundayCafe.

Basil Pesto, the basic process.  Once you have made this basic pesto, you are set to try the rest. 

Parsley Garlic and Almond Pesto, As part of our December blitz here at OurSundayCafe.

Parsley Garlic and Almond Pesto. Fresh parsley is paired up with a trio of dried herbs, roasted garlic, and almonds. Perfect for winter when parsley is still plentiful. 

Carrot Top Pesto, As part of our December blitz here at OurSundayCafe.

Carrot Top Pesto! How many times have you tossed those green tops to the compost bin? Try this pesto next time, instead...Delicious anywhere the zip of pesto is wanted.

Radish Top Pesto, As part of our December blitz here at OurSundayCafe.

Radish Top Pesto. Don't pass this one by! The mild bitter of the radish greens are delightful. Stir into a steaming bowl of vegetable soup....

Popeye Pesto, As part of our December blitz here at OurSundayCafe.

And finally Popeye Pesto. This is a vegan pesto, with nutritional yeast used in place of cheese. It is different than most pestos but deliciously interesting. This makes a large batch, with plenty to share with friends. Toss with pasta and potatoes for a delicious side dish to enjoy. 


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  1. I have an AeroGarden full of basil and parsley right now and this is the perfect recipe to use it in! Thanks for posting this at my December 2019 Penny Pinching Party at

    1. Thank you, I am sure you will enjoy the different pesto recipes!


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