How to make Cinnamon Extract, so easy and delicious!

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As part of our December 2019 blitz at OurSundayCafe.

This is another recipe retrieved from the archives. It was made to be a part of this delicious cookie recipe. We then went on to enjoy Cinnamon Whipped Cream, lots of delicious fruit muffins with an extra touch of cinnamon flavor in the batter and just about anywhere cinnamon was wanted. 

You will find a little glug adds greatly to hot cocoa, coffee with cream and as part of fruit pie that you bake. You will most likely find many more ways to enjoy this extract, in your own kitchen.  It also makes a lovely and unusual gift for any cinnamon lover on your gift list. 

Easy to make homemade Cinnamon Extract.
Cinnamon Extract.

Easy to make Cinnamon Extract
inspired by: every vanilla extract recipe out there!

1 small glass bottle, with cork stopper or screw-on lid
2-3 cinnamon sticks, broken to fit the bottle is needed
1/4 c vodka, or more depending upon the size of the bottle

Drop cinnamon sticks into the bottom of the bottle, cover with vodka.

Replace cork stopper or screw cap down to close tightly. Let rest in a cool dark place until the vodka has turned brown and smells like cinnamon heaven!

Once the extract has aged, remove the cinnamon sticks and use where ever the taste of cinnamon is wanted. I love little corked bottles for storage, but it is a bit more convenient to make it is a jar, and strain into the bottle for storage and use.


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  1. Wow. First, I bet this would taste delicious in smoothies and baked goods instead of vanilla extract. Second, who knew it was so easy to make? I think I must try this!

    1. It is especially good in Snickerdoodles, but yes, it is good. Thanks for stopping by.


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