Hello, and thank you for dropping by our About page, it is always a pleasure to have guests, in our home, and here on the blog.

Just like myself, this blog has had a few changes through the years. One of the first was in the name, we use to be known as Mom's Sunday Cafe. Mom's Sunday Cafe started out as a way to keep the family close and provide an opportunity to share a meal each month. I had noticed it was harder to stay connected as the kids grew up and had families of their own. By having dinner together each month we could keep our schedules up to date, yet pencil in time with the family.

Kitchen pantry practices we employ at Our Sunday Cafe. Mostly organic, whole grain cooking and baking.
Kitchen pantry practices we employ. 

Our dinners were held on the last Sunday of each month. A fresh menu was dreamed up and the cooking would begin! As a bonus, I had lots of new recipes to share right here on the blog. It was wonderful to have the family home, with everyone getting caught up on what had been happening since the last time we all visited. And then....

As is in life, changes began to occur. Jobs changed for some, and due to these changes, locations also changed. Families changed as well with some families moving away. We all struggled on for a while, but eventually, it seemed like the best idea would be to stop our scheduled dinners. However there is a standing invitation, just let me know your coming and dinner is at 2:00 pm!

Side dishes and salads served at Our Sunday Cafe. Mostly organic, whole grain cooking and baking.
Vegetables served at our table. 
And then the biggest change of all, my own retirement. I was fortunate enough to retire early with my dear husband and we made the decision to move to a small town on the coast. Our new hometown is tiny and quiet and so close to the ocean we can hear the waves from our yard. And we love it here! We get to explore new surroundings and have added volunteerism to our list of accomplishments. Currently, we volunteer at our local library and humane shelter.

Our change in location produced a change in my cooking, as well. With limited stores and products, I now concentrate on a homemade pantry and more planning in regards to our meals. And the return of my favorite creative outlet in the kitchen, homemade bread. I am not certain what it is, but baking bread is a passion of mine and one day I will have mastered the baking of a perfect loaf of bread. Until then we enjoy some good bread, but perfection awaits!

Bread served at Our Sunday Cafe. Mostly organic, whole grain cooking and baking.
Bread served at our table. 
With it being just the two of us (most of the time) I am finding ways to cook smaller amounts as well as perfect recipes that can be stored in the freezer. We prefer homemade, whole grain, and mostly organic meals, but honestly, my dear husband from time to time must have chocolate-covered donuts from the bakery and BBQ chicken wings from the freezer aisle!

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have as well as accept suggestions for future recipes. I have a large selection of cookbooks for fresh ideas and research. But it is always fun to engage in conversation regarding food and cooking. I hope you take a look around and find a recipe or two to enjoy, and please if you like what you see here, tell your friends!

Desserts from Our Sunday Cafe. Mostly organic, whole grain cooking and baking.
Desserts served at our table.
And now another big change for us! 

We are selling everything that will not fit into a 5th Wheel travel trailer, and are hitting the road for full-time travel for the next year. While we love the peninsula, we have found that 11 feet of rain each winter is too much for us!  This latest transition will no doubt produce new opportunities for kitchen adventures, along with frugal new methods of living a full life while utilizing a limited budget and storage spaces. We hope you continue to drop by for a visit because there is always something new in life to enjoy. We have a loose plan for what we will do after a good amount of time traveling has been enjoyed, and I must say it is another big change for us!

Update: June 6, 2019. And now with a year of volunteering under our belt, we have will complete our plans to house share with our grown kids, having our own apartment on the property. Once we are all moved in, we will be set to hit the road to see more of what we can see! Until then we will be building our little apartment and getting the property in shape. Stay tuned...

Update:  November 10. 2019. We got our little apartment completed just in time. There was an early artic blast that hit us here in our little corner of Montana. We will be working on saving for our next little travel trailer over the winter so that we can begin to explore the wilderness in this beautiful state, especially around the Flathead Lake region. 

As always, thanks for visiting, and please come again!

Melynda and Terry @ OurSundayCafe