RV Kitchen and Travel Adventures!

RV Kitchen and Travel Adventures! Sharing our food and travel adventures along the way.

Hello again,

I thought I would share a bit about our journey over this last year, while we waited to complete the sale of our home in Washington state. During this time, waiting for the sale to complete, we were on the road traveling to be volunteers for our Nation Parks. During this time, I began a Facebook Page called RVKitchen. Facebook seemed the perfect choice to use for active blogging because with a strong cell phone signal, it is possible to communicate daily. Internet was not always available, reliable or even possible....I posted recipes that were geared for cooking in your RV kitchen. Healthy, mostly whole food recipes from the blog. Recipes we had enjoyed countless times, that were well suited for the smaller kitchens one finds in their RV.

Travel big or travel small, safe travels to us all!
Interpretive work at Fort Vancouver Historical Park, Vancouver WA.

Travel big or travel small, safe travels to us all!
My husband as Smokey, celebrating Smokey the Bear's birthday at Fort Vancouver Historical Park, Vancouver WA.
Along the way during our travels, and based upon what was available at stores where we volunteered, I came up with new ideas for our meals, sharing those recipes as well. As with everything from any kitchen, there were many successes and honestly based upon one's own particular tastes, some failures as well! But I have found that when cooking with fresh food, nothing is really a total failure, you might simply choose not to make it again! Location was everything for obtaining fresh vegetables, obviously much easier in Vancouver WA, than it was 6 miles north of Mexico, in the desert. One thing that the lack of variety teaches is creativity! And a sense of being grateful for what we did have to enjoy and share with others when ever possible.

Travel big or travel small, safe travels to us all!

Then our year was up, and conveniently we had an offer on our house. Selling and moving across several state lines is an adventure unto its self! Once we had accepted the offer, we realized we needed to decide where we were going to live, yes it is true, we had not made a final decision. This lack of a home waiting for us necessitated a couple of road trips to make a final decision. Which we did! Once we settled in Montana I decided to refresh my focus on Facebook and renamed the page RV Kitchen and Travel Adventures. We settled on a property that had sat vacant for 3 years. The owners had passed and the remaining family lived out of state. The property was lovely, but in dire need of cleanup, pruning and general maintenance. We have been busy! Once we get the homestead up and done, and enjoy our first winter in Montana we hope to purchase another 5thwheel (much smaller, as it won't be our only home) and travel. It might not be as far, but it will be fun. If we are lucky, we might just meet up, along the way!

Travel big or travel small, safe travels to us all!
Trail roving at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, 6 miles north of Mexico.

I am sharing the Facebook page and background information here on the blog page, should you decide you might like to follow along. We have met many wonderful folks, and have become friends with others through this page. It goes without saying, meeting you would be fun, so I do hope you follow along. You may find us at this link:  RVKitchen. And that with that....

Thank you for stopping by, and as always, whether you travel big or travel small, safe travels to us all!

Travel big or travel small, safe travels to us all!