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Our progress or lack of, so far.......

UPDATE:  01/18/2016 our final offer has been accepted, it is off to the bank we go!

It is raining to beat the band! We have received copious amounts of rain this year, and the end is not in sight. With all the work of looking, deciding upon and then waiting on the inspection, I finally cooked our Christmas ham last night.

Today I placed all the scraps into a pan, sauteed them with a bit of olive oil, about a tablespoon of thyme and some black pepper. When the juices had evaporated, I added some cooked beans in the freezer and a bit of water and now that is simmering on the stove. They will be very tasty tonight with some bread and butter and fruit.

At the moment we are waiting for our final offer to be accepted, we must hear back today, or we start again. I really enjoy this home we have chosen, but honestly it is about retiring at the coast and not a particular house. We will make any house we buy, into our home.

Keep your fingers crossed that we reach a final decision soon, on a home at the coast.

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  1. well your supper sound perfect! but I know it must be stressful waiting for answers, i hope you get the answer you're hoping for! I would trade some of our snow for that rain lol,

  2. I hope all your dreams come true! The beans and ham sound delicious--you know how I love my beans. --Rocquie


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