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A brief list of rambled about topics including moving, food and not cooking in one's own kitchen!

We are in the final stages of the slow crawl to purchase our home on the peninsula and get moving! And today it was discovered that we will need one additional (last?) test/report to complete that process, but we may not close on the original closing date. Luckily we have a home to live in, so this is but a bump in the road for us. Maybe it was province when we scheduled out the actual move, after all!

Right now I am sharing my daughter's kitchen, but have none of my usual tools to work with as they are all in storage. I have thought that possibly this might be the reason for my lack of posting. But it is not. I figured it out when I deleted an as yet unpublished post. The simple reason is that I/we are eating differently. A delicious, healthier, better different.

While I have not take a sworn oath or pledged to eat in a certain style, there has been a slow change taking place for the last few years. We will always eat everything, because we are in fact omnivores and I see no change coming our way. But I have been returning to whole foods for some time now and I feel the better for it. Whole grain breads and pastas, more legumes and vegetables of all kinds. Fruits as desserts with dessert being (as it should be) appreciated rather than expected.

When I was a kid, we did not regularly keep ice cream in the house. Ice cream was a place, "Let's hop in the car and go for ice cream!" Going for a drive and stopping for ice cream was a favorite way to end our Sunday's. It was a celebration of the new week before us and a fun way to end the day. As I have written before, my family's Sunday dinners were the memories I based my own Sunday dinners on. Sundays have always been a special day in my life, for family times.

I have also become fascinated with recipes from years ago. Simple ways to cook, using the foods that you grew, to serve the family you love. I cannot help but think that busy farm women had a great many delicious, quick, simple recipes that they used over and over again. I hope to gather and use these recipes, sharing the best of them here.

And the final item to share, while spring is beginning to burst out all over here in Vancouver, I apparently fell victim to influenza. It is my way actually. After spending winter keeping it at bay, if it is stronger, I will get this year's it, when winter is almost over. So not much has changed there! My work place is in tatters, as we have all fallen throughout the winter.

And that about brings you up to date, thank you for stopping by!

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  1. I hope the last test can be done and you can get moved! I will be looking forward to the post about simple cooking from days gone by! I try to grow and can/freeze what we need for the winter. Some friends think its boring, but I know what we are eating.


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