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Still looking towards the peninsula

Today is a great day! My family started out the morning with gifts and cards on the dining room table to wish me a happy birthday. And this evening we shall have dinner out to finish this day of celebrations.

But we still have yet to close on our house, at the peninsula. Sometimes these things do take time, but at this point of a project (especially one so drawn out) I tend to begin exhibiting fatigue and grumpy disappointment. (Sorry dear....)

The weather is breaking and blooms are showing up everywhere. A bit earlier than last year, as we did not have a very cold winter. The early blooms are very much appreciated however. I usually feel a surge of anticipation each spring to live as fully as one can, in the sunny days ahead.

And this year is no different.

I have claimed the kitchen for some cooking this weekend and hope to share it all here. One recipe that has caught my eye is titled How Danes Roll Cabbage. Seriously how can that recipe escape my kitchen? Plus the weather is still cold enough to enjoy a great cabbage roll for dinner.

And as far as signing a deed to the new house, I can't wait and will probably pester everyone with a post right here!

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