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Changes coming about.....

Since buying our home on the peninsula, there has been nothing but change. Actually change and lot of work! But now settled in, we could not be happier. Except.....

Living apart until retirement proved to be difficult. More so than either of us could have imagined. So we made a change to the change. While I could not retire yet, I could work closer to my dear husband and with that, I have resigned from my current position and take a new position closer to the peninsula house.

My new employer, effective June 1, 2016.

Ironically I will still reside in the state of Washington, and cross the Columbia River into Oregon for work. Yet it will be a much more laid back position and I will be home each evening with my hubby, and living in just one home. I have been most fortunate to have the support and gracious attitude from our kids by being given my own space, for as long as I needed, but what I really need is to be at the peninsula.

Strawberries are beginning to grow in the deck planters.

The final move will be this weekend, I will have a few days to get the last of the household items from Vancouver put away and begin my new position on June 1, 2016. It is exciting and bittersweet at the same time. I will be leaving my tenants, whom many of I have grown very fond of. And I will have a 3 hour travel window between the peninsula house and the Vancouver house, and miss my kids here ALOT!

But life is nothing but change, and in the end, change is what we live through daily to grow and improve ourselves.

I have been waiting to have a guest room, so I could display this funny sign...

This past weekend, we got the guest room ready to receive the furniture that is currently in Vancouver. It will be a simple room, filled with quiet, sunlight and a comfortable bed.

I organized and went through the household items in the motorhome, stocking what we need and a few additional items that fit the available space leftover, and I must say that we are road ready!

Terry spent time in the garage putting up insulation and quarter inch plywood to make the garage multi-purpose with an organized corner for his woodworking and repair of all thing shop.

We planned out some outdoor spaces where the rose and trellis will go once they come over from Vancouver later this year. From there we decided upon which plants will be transplanted and which will be remove to make room for 3 raised beds for a small vegetable patch.

I organized the greenhouse/shed (it had become a catch-all for all things outdoors related) making it ready to get some spring greens growing for fresh salads. We have decided to use the greenhouse for salad greens and a cherry tomato plant, otherwise we would be growing them for the deer.....

We hung a hummingbird feeder, got instant customers and will hang a second one to make sure that there is food available for them.

Terry installed pull out drawers in the kitchen cupboard. One cupboard runs into the refrigerator, allowing the door to open almost all the way, but not quite. The solution was to install the drawers to open on the same angle. While it looks a bit odd, it functions perfectly!

We ate simply, oatmeal for breakfast, lunch was leftovers and for dinner I made a meatloaf and baked potatoes.

And we spent some time together, just being in each other's company. I am not certain how much cooking I will get done in this next week, but I am hoping to make a honey poached rhubarb muffin that I have been thinking about and developing.

We hope you continue to visit, as there is more to share as the days move on!

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