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My usual posts contain happy messages regarding how much the family loved the recipe that I am sharing for the day, along with the recipe and how to make it. But from time to time, other things take place in the lives of those who share recipes through a blog. For example, we get sick.

I have been blogging for almost 10 years. In all that time I have shared very little about myself or my family, once you take food and enjoyment of that food out of the equation. But last July there was a bit of a speed bump in my life and I took the risk to share a bit about that journey. A first for me.

That journey took a bit of the wind out of my sails, but I recovered and continued to cook and blog about food and how the family enjoyed it. I did find however that many of the foods I had been cooking and enjoying most of my life, were no longer tolerated. So we tried a few recipes for substitutes, such as almond milk and water kefir. Even then, I simply did not feel that I was healing from the surgery very well, and this was after 6 months of solid struggle to heal and feel better.

So I returned to my care provider seeking wisdom, guidance, and healing.

And what I found was that I was far more ill than anyone ever knew, including me. Especially me. As it turns out after extensive tests I have a series of bleeding ulcers, polyps where ulcers have healed, with the rest of my stomach very irritated. With precious little healthy stomach tissue at all. It is no wonder I could not eat without getting ill at each and every meal.

Which can be a serious problem for one's health as well as very difficult circumstances for a food blogger. But there is hope (and light) at the end of the tunnel. I am receiving good care, and I will get better. In time.

I will also have days where I just don't feel well, maybe I have worked too hard or eaten something I am not yet able to digest. I share this in the hopes that as you come to this site for inspiration, that you continue coming here.

While I might be slow to post due to current circumstances, I will return to what I love best, cooking food, enjoying food, and sharing food.

So, I thank you, for your visits to OurSundayCafe. Your visits along with the creativity that this blog adds to my life, mean the world to me. And with that statement, if there is something you would like to see posted, please let me know. I would love a jump start on getting back into the game!

Thank you for visiting Our Sunday Cafe.

There is nothing like a community of friends, to help one feel better!

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