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UPDATE From OurSundayCafe to You!

Dear Our Sunday Cafe Followers, Fans, and Friends,

You are hereby invited (and encouraged!) to come and visit us at Scratch Made Food! for delicious and healthy recipes to feed your family and eat well in the process. And we have you covered for everything else, you will find it all at DIY Homemade Household. 

I have made the difficult decision to take blogging in a different direction, which I am very excited about! While I have loved sharing OurSundayCafe recipes, and Sunday dinner suggestions with you, I will now be broadening my skills for delicious whole food recipes and more DIY Household Household products made in your own kitchen, with your preferred ingredients.  

OurSundayCafe blog will continue to be active until current contracts in place expire. Being self-sufficient has always been my own goal since I first became a wife and mother so many years ago! Ironic how the past few weeks, now turning into months, has highlighted that very need. 

I offer this opportunity to add to yo…

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