Raspberry Sauce, with Port and Cinnamon

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I found these raspberries in the freezer. These are the remainders of many bags of raspberries. Berries that were grown, picked and then saved (in the freezer) until it was time to make jam. There were 3 partial bags hidden and tucked out of sight. Together the 3 bags measured 2 quarts of berries. Let's make something with them!

How to make Raspberry Sauce with Port and Cinnamon.
Raspberry Sauce with Port and Cinnamon, in the making.

Raspberry Sauce with Port and Cinnamon
by the seat of my pants!

2 quarts of raspberries
1 c sugar (or Rapadura)
1/2 c Ruby Port
1/4 t salt
1 t Vietnam Cinnamon
1 T cornstarch

Combine berries, sugar, spices, and wine in a large flat bottom pan with a lid.

Bring to a simmer, and cover. Cook 15 minutes.

When the time is up, remove the cover and turn off the heat source. But leave the pan on the burner, when needed it will return to a simmer very quickly.

Remove about 1/4 c of the pan "juices" into a small measure cup and put in the freezer to chill about 15 minutes.

Use a whisk to break up the berries.

Stir the cornstarch into the cooled raspberry juice. Stir until smooth, it does not take long and the few seeds don't get in the way.

Raspberry Sauce with Port and Cinnamon
Raspberry Sauce with Port and Cinnamon
Return the mixture to a simmer, stir in the cornstarch mixture. Simmer until smooth and clear.

I will put 3 in the freezer for a delicious treat later this winter.

This will be served now.
I hear yogurt or cake or biscuits buttered with cream cheese calling out for some of this delicious sauce.

This is a delicious, slightly tart yet sweet dessert sauce, that could not be easier to make. You will love it.........


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  1. I'm thinking right over a cheesecake.

  2. Yum rapsberry sauce! It looks delicious :)

  3. Melynda, Raspberry sauce is my favorite sweet sauce and yours looks fabulous!

    I love utilizing bits from the freezer, transforming them into something wonderful. Brava!

  4. Your sauce is beautiful. We have Raspberries from our garden and will try your sauce. Thank You...

  5. Don't you love finding a great surprise like those berries! The sauce looks fantastic-enjoy:@)


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