How about a Strawberry Dessert Bar

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Today I was assured that spring is coming. The proof was right there at the marketplace. It was in the form of a beautiful display of strawberries. I had no choice, I had to bring some of these wonderful berries home.

When you are in need of proof that the season is ready to turn, I ask you, would this not be the answer? As the market continues to fill with all the wonderful produce that marks the warmer weather, it is also time to remember the simple yet delicious ways to enjoy the season's bounty.

A perfect way is to set out a strawberry bar at dessert time. This quickly built dessert is also a, serve yourself affair, how can you go wrong? Oh, and it is beautiful as well.

Strawberry Dessert Bar, self-serve fun!
Strawberry Dessert Bar, easy and self-serve.

Set out a large dish of washed berries, a small bowl of sour cream and a second bowl of brown sugar. To enjoy all you do is, dip the berry into the sour cream and then into the brown sugar. Enjoy, repeat as necessary until satisfaction is achieved. See, very easy. Maybe too easy, let's recap the instructions to keep it straight.

1. Set out a large bowl of washed berries, 2. a small bowl of sour cream and 3. a second bowl containing brown sugar. To enjoy, dip the berry first into the sour cream and then into the brown sugar. Repeat until satisfied.

See very easy and so easy to enjoy!


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  1. I do love strawberries just dipped in sugar!

  2. Wow, beautiful strawberries! Love the way you put it, "repeat until satisfied", I will "repeat until there's none left!". :)
    My kids would love the way your honey have these, with ice cream and chocolate syrup, somehow chocolate syrup always goes well with strawberries! Yummy!

  3. Fresh berries in ANYTHING is incredible!! It's finally becoming Spring here too, yay!!
    Great post :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  4. Strawberries are a sure sign that spring is on it's way. They are beautiful. There is no wrong way to have these sweet berries.

  5. Yes, please! I have strawberries every morning. Either in my smoothie or on my cereal.

  6. Can I have my strawberries with a huge bowl of freshly whipped cream? :o)

  7. very nice I just did a post on the healthy benefits on my other blog these look fabulous!

  8. I just bought 2 large pkgs of gorgeous strawberries, and you've given me a wonderful suggestion...since I'm not coming up with other dessert ideas, although a fresh strawberry pie would be a welcome. (just dreaming)

  9. We must be related cause I totally had Strawberries dipped in SC & BS last night. Thanks for introducing that to us Mom! It is one of my favorite treats. LOVE IT!

  10. Makes me want to run out and get some berries. I love them on Cheerios!!

  11. Hi Melynda,
    Wow those Strawberries look so good. I just love fresh Strawberries dipped in sugar and then in cream it is so good. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and please come back!

  12. What a delicious and beautiful idea!

  13. daughters and I love fresh strawberries with chocolate syrup!

  14. These sound wonderful. Thanks for sharing these beautiful berries. I look forward to seeing you at What's On the Menu Wednesday this week. Happy Spring


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