Orange Dream Cake, Sometimes.......I do use a mix

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It is not often, and I do not mean to imply that using a mix is wrong or that the way I cook might be superior in any way, cause trust me it is not! However, something important happened a while back. Manufacturers stopped putting hydrogenated fats in cake mixes.

Because of that wise move on their part, I have started using a cake mix, from time to time. Granted the manufacturers won't get rich on the number of cake mixes that I purchase, but still, it is fun to try a different dessert that also happens to start with a mix.

Orange Dream Cake, just like an orange cream ice pop.
Orange Dream Cake

Orange Dream Cake
adapted from: My kind of cooking
350-degree oven

1 yellow cake mix
2 cans (11oz) mandarin oranges - drain syrup from one can only!
3 eggs
1/3 c oil

1 c orange juice
2 T honey
1/4 c sugar

1 T butter
1 T orange juice concentrate
1 t vanilla
1 - 1 1/4 c powder sugar

Combine cake mix, eggs, oranges, and oil. Beat until smooth. Pour into a prepared 9X13 pan, bake 35-40 minutes or until done in your oven. Remove from oven, set aside to cool.

Combine orange juice, sugar, and honey, bring to a boil. Simmer 1 minute, remove from heat to cool.

Poke holes in cake with a large fork, spoon syrup evenly over cake. Let cool completely.

Combine remaining ingredients for the frosting. Beat until smooth, glaze cooled cake.

Serve with vanilla ice cream if you want your dessert to taste like an old fashion creamsicle!


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PS, you may also enjoy our Homemade Household page, it can be found right at the top of the blog!


  1. This cake looks so good! I love the combination with orange, it gives it such a summer taste! : )

  2. This looks good. Quick and easy too. Lovely with some warm spiced tea!

  3. The aroma cooking must be just pure heaven.. nothing like cake and citrus to fill the house with warmth...

  4. This looks fantastic! I can't wait to check the boxes at the store! I use them occassionally too, but don't like all the 'extras' that are added! Your recipe just may send me back to buy one again! Have a blessed day!

  5. I occasionally use mixes and sometimes one of those ubiquitous cans of cream soup finds its way into my kitchen.

    This cake sounds delicious with the mandarin oranges.

  6. Melynda-You brought back such comforting memories. I used to make sheet cakes like these when my children were little with cake mixes, and your version I have not made yet.
    So fresh, with the mandarin orange, and the citrus's heavenly:DDD
    Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful Sunday!

  7. The Easter nest cookies I made yesterday were from a sugar cookie mix and I was impressed at how they came out. I, too, will use mixes occasionally. I love these kinds of cakes where you poke holes in them and drizzle deliciousness all over them. I love mandarin oranges, I used to eat them all the time as a kid. I bet this cake is delicious!

  8. In our younger, young mother days a lot of women made this cake for showers or Tupperware parties. Yummy.

  9. Sounds yummy! I usually use mixes and fancy them up in one way or another. I'm just not much of a dessert baker. Have a great Sunday!

  10. I was thinking about orange cake just this morning. My mom made one with mandarin oranges every year for my birthday when I was young and she used a cake mix too. Until a few years ago, I had never even made a cake from scratch. It's nice to have a convenient mix around from time to time. Thanks for sharing this recipe. It's timely. :)

  11. This sounds completely delectable with the oranges! So summery and delicious!

  12. Hey, nothing wrong with the mixes! This sounds wonderful! Thanks!

  13. YUM!! I love mandarin oranges but no one else in my family does=( I don't bake well so I do occasionally use a boxed cake mix. Have a wonderful week. Take care.

  14. That cake looks great. I am so glad that they stopped adding the hydrogenated oils. Sometimes a girl just needs the convenience of a cake mix :) Hope you have a great week, Melynda


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