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How to make Ready to Use Garlic, in a jar (without the preservatives).

Welcome to Our Sunday Café, we are pleased you stopped by for a visit. Today we are offering another delicious recipe from our kitchen. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did…

Ready to use garlic in a jar, without preservatives.
Ready to use garlic, without preservatives.

I have a love/hate relationship with garlic. Love love, love the flavor, but hate the clingy, sticky, papery skin. I have shared a way to store garlic in the freezer, you can see the garlic logs process, by following the link. This is a wonderful way to have garlic in the freezer, ready to use. A thin slice is (about) equal to 1 clove of minced garlic, very convenient for any cook to have on hand.

I have also shown you how to peel garlic, by using two stainless bowls. You can also see that process by following the link. I am sure you could use glass bowls, but lets be honest, if you drop the stainless steel bowls, all you have to clean up, is garlic.....

Since posting the easy peeled garlic method, I have watched a video on peeling garlic by placing the cloves in a small glass jar, capping the lid tightly and shaking. Yep, peeled garlic. Honestly I think I liked this method best. Until I tried it. For me the jar technique did not work. If it does for you, great.

You can buy minced garlic in the grocery stores, but personally I don't want the preservatives associated with that product. And while I really like my homemade garlic logs, now for my smaller family, I don't need that much garlic in the freezer. So now what?

Well the story goes like this.

While driving home the other day, in a hail storm, with traffic moving at about oh -2 miles an hour, the thought came to me that vodka is the answer. It is used for many different things, and for good reason. It does not have a distinct flavor, it is germ free and best of all, it does not freeze. But wait there is more.......

And so the thought crossed my mind, why not combine vodka and garlic. No, not for a cocktail. Instead let's make a homemade version of the grocery store product, minus the preservatives and keep it in the freezer, right there handy as can be, so that when you are cooking you can measure out what you need and return the jar to the freezer, for safe keeping until your next cooking adventure.

So that is what this post is really about.

Garlic Suspension, freezer storage
by the seat of my pants

2 heads of garlic - or more after all you can make a larger batch
1 small jar - or large enough to hold your finished product

Peel garlic, using your preferred method.

Mince garlic, using your preferred method.

Place minced garlic in the jar.

Cover garlic with vodka, cap tightly.
Place jar in freezer (the garlic freezes, but the vodka does not), until fresh garlic is needed for your next cooking adventure.

You can of course make this in any quantity you desire.


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  1. I buy those containers of peeled garlic at the store and then put them in a jar of vinegar in the fridge. By the time I use up all the garlic, I have a jar of garlicky vinegar!

  2. Very clever! Do you think it needs to stay in the freezer, or would the refrigerator work? I don't really mind working with fresh garlic on an "as needed" basis, but this would certainly be convenient. And how about ginger; it would probably work for that too? Thanks for another great idea, Rocquie

  3. Hello Rocquie, I thought freezer storage simply because the garlic would freeze and keep a long time, while the vodka would not. I think this would work with ginger also. I currently stored ginger in the freezer whole and when need some use it from the freezer.

  4. Hi Pam, I thought the same thing about the vodka and you do for the vinegar, for those times I needed just a touch of garlic flavor, add a teaspoon of the vodka.

  5. What an awesome idea I already store ginger in white wine in the refrigerator, but I never ever thought about garlic. don't pre-chop the ginger, just peel it and cut into chunks. I'd likely just peel the garlic and leave the cloves whole. I'm going to give this a try.

  6. garlic in vodka! Wow. I do garlic infused oil because my digestive system has stopped tolerating fresh garlic unfortunately! But you have me tempted. Cheers from Carole's chatter

  7. I've tried the stainless steel bowl method before but didn't have the upper arm strength for it to really work well. I've been working out since then so I should try it again! I'm probably not efficient enough in the kitchen to make prepping all that garlic worth it for me. I'm extra glad for your post and comments, though, because I never knew you could store fresh ginger in the freezer. Mine always shrivels before I use all of it!

  8. Hi Melynda,
    I love this post it has so much information that I need!! Thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope you have a great week.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen


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