Whole Grain Quick and Easy Sugar Cookies

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I was given a gift package from Bob's Red Mill, which included five different products to try, with no strings attached. Just a sweet and fun gift. It was hard to make the decision on which five products to try, and I decided to select items that were new to my kitchen and have some fun along the way.

Oh, I almost forgot, here are my chosen items: Whole Grain Ivory Flour, Extra Thick Rolled Oats, Dry Rye Flour, Roasted Carob, and Chocolate Protein Powder.

Whole Grain Quick and Easy Sugar Cookies. Using Whole Grain Ivory Flour from Bob's Red Mill.

The first product I was keen to start working with was the Whole Grain Ivory Flour.

The first test was to make our favorite Cobbler using the Whole Grain Ivory Flour, and it was delicious! I knew there would be more good baking in-store.

This evening was Whole Grain Quick and Easy Sugar Cookies, with a little help from our granddaughter. This little batch of cookies solves all your summertime dessert needs. They are just right on their own or along with a dish of berries. Then as the summer ends, when you want and need a cookie to send to school, these are perfect again. Or for an extra special treat, spread on a bit of frosting, you won't regret it.

On their own, these cookies are chewy, not too sweet and so easy. They are the perfect recipe to bake for kids (of all ages!) and with kids, as a fun activity. I hope you give them a try!

Whole Grain Quick and Easy Sugar Cookies, made with Whole Grain Ivory Flour.
Whole Grain Quick and Easy Sugar Cookies.

Whole Grain Quick and Easy Sugar Cookies
adapted from:  hillbilly housewife
375-degree oven

1/2 c butter, softened
1 c sugar
1 T milk
1 t vanilla
1 egg
1/2 t salt, rounded slightly
1 t baking powder
1 1/2 c Whole Grain Ivory Flour

additional sugar if desired

Cream together the butter, sugar, milk, vanilla, when blended well, add egg and beat until creamy.

Add the salt, baking powder and approximately 1/2 of the flour, beat well. Add remaining flour, mix in completely leaving no dry pockets and no wet pockets.

Drop by small spoonfuls onto a prepared cookie sheet. 

Bake 8 - 10 minutes, or until done in your oven.

Note:  You may also roll the spoons of dough into balls and roll them in sugar before baking, for a slightly more festive cookie.

Let cool on baking sheet for 2-3 minutes, remove to a wire rake or clean toweling to cool completely. Makes 18-24 cookies depending on size.

Please note, this is not a sponsored post, I truly believe in whole foods, and baking with whole grains. I have been a Bob's Red Mill fan, for many years. 


Whole Grain Quick and Easy Sugar Cookies.

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  1. I love their products, tho I've never hear of the ivory flour. I'll have to check into it.

    1. Ivory Flour was new to me as well, one reason why I chose it. I love trying new grains.

  2. We are starting to get a few Bob's Red Mill products over here in the UK, Melynda, and I really do love them! Your cookies look wonderful and I love that you can have a healthier sugar cookie! Thank you so much for sharing and for being a part of Hearth and Soul. Sharing on the the Hearth and Soul Facebook page later today.


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