How to Can Rhubarb from the Garden

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How to can Rhubarb, from your garden or purchased at Farmer's Co-op. Delicious and ready to eat from your won pantry.
Canned Rhubarb, ready for pantry storage.
I have never canned rhubarb before. My usual method from past years is to freeze it in 1-inch slices as I pick it. Once the growing season is over, I then packaged the rhubarb into one pound (approximately 4 cups) packages. My usual (and favorite) way to cook rhubarb is to steam it into a delicious compote. With freezer space being in short supply as the year moves along, it seemed a better idea to can the rhubarb. With that thought, there was only one thing to do, pull out the trusty Ball Blue Book.....

And with that decision, it looks like I will have ready to eat rhubarb right in my own pantry.

The instructions are straightforward and adaptable to use for how much harvest or any amount purchased,  you might be working with. We had 3 quarts from this harvest.

How to Can Rhubarb
from: The Ball Blue Book

How to can Rhubarb, from your garden or purchased at Farmer's Co-op.

Wash, dry and slice rhubarb into 1-inch slices

Measure rhubarb, for each quart, add 1/2 - 1 cup sugar (I used the smaller amount, it was more than enough "sweet" for me!)

Combine and let stand 3-4 hours to juice

When ready to process:

Place filled canning kettle; covered, on the stove to come to a boil. You want this ready for the filled jars of rhubarb.

In a large pan, bring the rhubarb mixture to a boil, boil 1 - 2 minutes.

Carefully spoon into jars, divide syrup into jars evenly.

Important note: the jars will not be filled to the usual 1/2 inch headspace. Jars did fill completely when processed and the fruit cooked. (I was concerned when I placed the jars into the canner.....)

How to can Rhubarb, from your garden or purchased at Farmer's Co-op.

Seal jars with flats and rings, process 15 minutes for pints or quarts.

How to can Rhubarb, from your garden or purchased at Farmer's Co-op.

Let cool completely, remove rings, wipe jars clean if needed. Using 6 quarts of raw rhubarb produced 5 pints canned rhubarb for the pantry.


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