Transitioning to a 5th Wheel, continued thoughts...

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When I look back at some of the changes that have come about in the last few years, I begin to wonder if I was not meant to be a traveler all along. We moved each year when I was a young, so moving and starting over have never offended me. We were poor (no disrespect to my parents, whom I loved every day) and while poor is not a destination it is nothing to be ashamed of either, and for a good reason.

Often times poor is the catalyst to creativity, it was in our childhood home and it is in my life to this very day. I have always had the ability to take not much at all and turn it into more value than the sum of the parts. Re-purposing is not new, we did it every day when I was a child. And it is one of my favorite ways to be creative today.

We have streamlined our lives in many ways through the years, consuming less and gaining more in the process. Today I thought I would share of few of those ideas with you today because they too are perfect for RV living. Take a look...

We do not use fabric softener. Instead, I use woolen balls in the dryer. They are tossed around with the clean clothes absorbing static and also help in the drying process by keeping the clothes apart, so they don't clump. I never find a clump of damp clothes in the dryer anymore...You can make your own from a skein of 100% wool yarn but at up to $8.00 a skein, I wanted to find a way to save money. The next time you are at the thrift store, take a look at the adult sweaters, check the neck tag and choose one that is 100% virgin wool. Take it home and boil it! Yes, boil it, this process makes felted wool. Then cut into strips and stitch up into a ball, they will look a bit like these. Full instructions can be found here.

If the fabric content of your clothes is manmade, you may need additional help, you can get more help from a wadded up ball of foil. They can be used a number of times before being recycled at the recycling station.

Close living quarters means that there might be one project happening in succession, right about the time to make a meal. I also came up with this quick spray for my kids to use after making a snack when they were younger, and it is still used in my home today. All it takes is a drop of two ingredients that you already have, dish soap and white vinegar.  You will find Easy Clean, here.

And my best advise ever, celebrate! Stay tuned, I have more good stuff to share, until then...

We are actively working each day to make our 5th wheel life a reality. Our home is for sale, our belongings have been downsized to just enough for our little house of the future and we are journaling information for travel, living, and sightseeing. Until we have a sale, I am busy working on perfecting our favorite food recipes and learning new ones with preparations appropriate to stovetop or oven. While we may have a full hookup from time to time, I want to be able to eat healthy (and deliciously) no matter where we are.

Happy travels!

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