Welsh Tea Cake, just in time for tea!

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This simple recipe of Welsh Tea Cake is exactly what you need! It is low in refined sugar, high in whole food ingredients and simply tastes wonderful! Plus not only does it keep well in the refrigerator, but you can also freeze half for future enjoyment. So let's get baking!

I have been baking for over 50 years, but it was not until recently, that I weighed ingredients, for a dessert recipe. The scale I use is nothing fancy or expensive, but it does have a tare setting and that makes it so easy to use! This Welsh Tea Cake is the first bake using the scale. A fine beginning if I do say so myself! The scale has been used for pasta and many other foods through the years, but I can see more bread and cake recipes in the future...

While it might seem that there are many steps involved to make this cake, each is a snippet of hands-on time. There is a lot of set it aside and wait time also! Leaving you free for other things or a bit of daydreaming...and to be honest we all need a daydreaming break from time to time. Which would be very nice with a cup of tea and a slice of this Welsh Tea Cake.

Welsh Tea Cake, no added fats.
Welsh Tea Cake, delicious with or without butter!

Welsh Tea Cake
by the seat of my pants!
inspired by the Spruce Eats 
325-degree oven

The day before:
2 c boiling water
4 black tea bags
1 pound mixed dried fruit - see suggestions below

Place the tea bags in a large mug, pour the 2 cups of boiling water over the bags, let steep until just warm. Remove tea bags letting the tea drip back into the mug, but do not squeeze the bags. Place the dried fruit in a medium-sized mixing bowl, pour the warm tea over the dried fruit. Settle the fruit down into the tea and place a large dinner plate on top of the bowl, let sit overnight.

On baking day:

1  egg
1/4 c brown sugar
2 T marmalade of choice, we used this fresh Tangerine Marmalade
1 t Mixed Spice, the recipe can be found here.

8 oz Whole Wheat Self-Rising Flour, the recipe can be found here.

Welsh Tea Cake with easy to make spice mix.

Remove the plate, stir the fruit and tea mixture. Add the egg, brown sugar, marmalade and the spice, mix well. 

Making Welsh Tea Cake, start with weighing ingredients.

Stir in the self-rising flour, making sure no dry pockets of flour remain. Scoop batter into a prepared standard loaf pan. Bake 55 to 75 minutes or until done in your oven. 

Let rest on the counter 10 minutes before turning out to cool completely. Wait until completely cooled before slicing. Serve with butter if desired.

Welsh Tea Cake, ready to eat!


*notes on dried fruit. Use what you like, the above cake is 8 oz standard raisins, 4 oz dried cherries and 4 oz of other dried fruit from my pantry. I used home-dried plums, which have no resemblance to commercially dried prunes. Other fruits I have used include cranberries, currants, and dates. Many bakers use dried citrus peels, and while I do not care for the flavor or texture, if you do, please use them!

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  1. I'd like to try this myself, altho I don't have a scale. Sounds delicious.

    1. Hi Nickie, using a weight to cups generator application you could use 2 c self rising flour (maybe a smidge more if batter seems too wet) and 3 cups of dried fruit. I hope you give this a try!

  2. Melynda, just came over from #HearthAndSoul. Delighted to find Welsh Tea Cake, something I love. I bake in the British manner, using a scale. Always pleased to find another person in the US doing so.

    1. Thank you! To be honest I am in love with England, I am sure there will be more British baking!

  3. Your Welsh Tea Cake look very special, so moist and delicious! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday and hope you are having a great week!
    Miz Helen


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